Pierre Cardin

Treviso, 7 Luglio 1922

French, but born in San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso), the 2nd July 1922. His real name is Pietro Cardin. He arrives in Paris in 1945 studies architecture and works for Paquin and then Schiapparelli. He meets Jean Cocteau and Christian Berard, with whom he designs masks and costumes for films such as "The beauty and the Beast".

In 1947 he worked for Christian Dior, but in 1950 Pierre Cardin he founded his own company and started designing masks and costumes for theatre. In 1953 he presented his first ladies collection.

In 1966 he had his first licence contract outside fashion, that is in porcelaine crockery.

At the beinning of 1970 there was the opening oof the "Espace Pierre Cardin" with a theatre, a restaurant, a cinema and an exhibition hall.

In 1975 he opened a Design Boutique in Faubourg Saint-Honoré and following year he acquire the Maxim's trademark.

In 1980 Pierre Cardin celebrated thirty years of design at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Among several prizes in 1987 he was awarded of the Grand Order of Merit by the Italian Republic, the French Légion d'Honneur and became Honorary Ambassador of Unesco.

In 2001 Pierre Cardin bought the Marquis de Sade castle in France where he started organising theatre festivals.

Pierre Cardin is a very important fashion designer, not only for dress but for a lot of objects and places.

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