Ercole Barovier

Murano, 1889-1974

Ercole Barovier was born in Murano in a glassmaker family. Even if he was thought to become a doctor, after I World War, he joined the furnace. Barovier studied the materials and he was part of the creation of the “Primavera” glass in 1929. In 1936 at the Venice Biennale he presented a series of glass made “colouring while hot” and had great success. Besides these pieces Barovier designed heavy transparent glass, obtaining the “Grand Prix” at the International Exhibition in Paris. In 1942 there was the new series “Murrino”, then “Damasco” and “Corinto”. Barovier went on studying and designing new collections until he retired. In 1951 a personal exhibition is held in Milan that is a proof of his tireless activity. In 1954 the Venice Biennale gave a gold medal to his glass factory for the new series “Evanescenti”, “Neolitici”, “Diafani” and “Aborigeni”.
Ercole Barovier decided to retire in 1972, presenting his last collection “neo-murrini”.
He died only two years later, being 85, sign of a life entirely dedicated to blown-glass.

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