Paolo Buffa

Milan (1903-1970)

Paolo Buffa began his career working in Ponti and Lancia office and in 1928, together with the architect Cassi Ramelli he opened his own office. In the second half of 1920’s he designed furniture easily elegant, according to the neoclassical taste of that time.
From 1930 Buffa had participated the Triennali di Milano. In 1933, together with Buzzi, Albini and Pollini, he projected the exhibition of ENAPI.
In 1930’s he made interior decoration for shops, bars, Lietti’s houses near Como and other private houses for the upper and middle class of Milan.
In 1945 he participated to the exhibition “Prima Mostra dell’Arredamento”, organized in Como by Ico Parisi, with whom he designed almost ten rooms. In 1946 Cassi Ramelli, Ponti and Ulrich also participated to the exhibition, with furniture showing great collaboration between architects and good artisans.
In 1947 Buffa is invited by Fede Cheti, an Italian fabric designer, to participate at the exhibition “Lo stile nell’arredamento moderno” with Albini, Buzzi, Chiesa, Minoletti, Mollino, Parisi, Ulrich. After a great success Fede Cheti decided to bring the exhibition to Paris at XXXIV “Salon des Artistes Decorateur” in 1948, in the Italian pavilion.
From 1940’s Buffa designed, together with Mario Quarti, several interiors, e.g. the King Zoc’s of Albania royal palace and transatlantics.
Considered one of the most important interior decorator in Milan area, from 1950’s he designed the interiors for some branches for the Istituto Bancario Italiano and for the Banca Provinciale Lombarda.

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